For individuals and groups, we offer day tours as well as hikes. A cultural, natural and historical wealth to discover or rediscover with passionate accompanying staff. These tours are a great opportunity to benefit from exchanges and the sharing of knowledge that altogether forge unforgettable moments.

Choose the excursion you are interested in and contact us.

Day tours

  • Jerusalem

    The flower of cities

  • Bethlehem

    The star of Bethlehem

  • Nablus

    Little Damascus

  • Hebron (al Khalil)

    Shared hospitality

  • Jericho

    A cradle of civilizations

  • Ramallah

    Looking elsewhere

  • Tulkarem – Qalqilya

    Sharing an olive branch

  • Jenin

    The mornings of Jenin

  • Gaza

    Under siege

  • Haifa & Acre

    A gateway to the Mediterranean

  • Galilee

    Between seas and mountains

  • Negev (al Naqab)

    The incense route

  • Jaffa

    The bride of the sea


Hiking day tours

We offer a large number of different treks or hikes that enable travelers to discover Palestine’s authentic countryside and wilderness, and to encounter its population.

In partnership with Palestinian initiatives for territorial development, we are pleased to share superb trails with you for hikes lasting one or several days. These itineraries are called Abraham’s Path (Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil), Sufi Trails, Urban Margins, Battir’s Terraces, or the Olive Tree Routes.

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of contributors and local hiking guides and enjoy authentic stopover accommodations in guesthouses, bivouac or homestay.

  • Abraham’s Path
  • Sufi Trails
  • Urban Margins
  • Battir’s Terraces

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