Appended to the Green Line and having lost part of their arable land, Tulkarem & Qalqilya are flanked by a Wall that constrains them and cuts them off from the sea – yet so near. A preeminent agricultural region, the hinterland reveals typically Mediterranean spaces and provides the opportunity for beautiful encounters.

Flanked on all sides by the annexation Wall, Qalqilya narrowly escaped from total destruction in 1967. The main town of an agricultural region, it has a provincial feel. Water flows in abundance there but is out of its residents’ control. It is quite challenging to circulate within the district, but it has treasures to offer – a rich rural heritage, as well as endearing encounters.

Places to see: Nur Shams refugee camp • Hakuritna organic farm • fortified houses of Kur • Beit Lid mill • Far'un • Nizlet Issa • Baqa ash-Sharqiyya

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