Palestinian Literature: List of works

Mahmoud Darwish
Memory for Forgetfulness, 1982
Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone, 1995
Then Palestine, 1999
The Adam of Two Edens, 2000
Jidariyya (Mural), 2000
The Raven's Ink, 2001
Unfortunately It was Paradise: Selected Poems, 2003
Don't Apologize For What You Did, 2003
al-A'amal al-jadida (The new works), 2004
al-A'amal al-oula (The early works), 2005

Fadwa Tuqan
A Mountainous Journey, 1985

Emile Habibi
The Secret Life of Saeed: The Pessoptimist, 1974
Saraya, the Ogre's Daughter, 1991
Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
In Search of Walid Masoud, 1978
Ghassan Kanafani
Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories, 1963
All that's Left For You, 1966
Return to Haifa, 1970

Sahar Khalifeh
Wild Thorns, 1976
The Image, the Icon, and the Covenant, 2002
Samih al-Qasim
Victims of a Map, 1984
Sadder Than Water, 2006

Palestinian Music: List of works

Rim Banna, The Dream

Dal’ouna, Oyoun Al Kalaam

El Funoun, Zaghareed

Jisr al Qamar (musical)
Jerusalem in my Heart

Samir Joubran (with Wassim), Tamaas

Ahmed Kahbour, Unadikum

Marcel Khalife Promises of the Storm
Ahmad al Arabi (full text), poetic opera written by Mahmoud Darwish, composed and directed by Marcel Khalife

El-Funoun Popular Dance Troupe
Images Remembered, 2009
Haifa, Beirut & Beyond,2003
Talla Wara Talla (Tableaus),1994
Afrah Filastiniyah (Palestinian Festivities),1987

Palestinian Sounds (various artists) Sabreen, Smoke of the Volcanoes

Al Kamandjâti, Diwan Sufi Ensemble

Abu Arab, Refugee Song

Marwan Makhoul, Tamer Nafar, Terez Sliman, God of Revolution

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