In the 10 th century, al Muqqadasi – a geographer from Jerusalem – designated Nablus as “Little Damascus”. The image of its resistance to colonialism earned it the nickname of Jabal al Nar – “Fire Mountain” – sung by the poet Ibrahim Tuqan. Compared to other Palestinian cities, its identity is characteristic of the Bilad al-Sham ("northern country") province. There is something unique about the atmosphere and architecture of its old urban center, Al Kasaba, and it is commensurate with the friendly attention and the sincere warmth of Nablus’ inhabitants toward their guests.

Places to see: Jacob’s Well • Joseph’s Tomb • Tell Balata • Balata Refugee Camp • Al Qasaba • Hammam al Shifa • Al Kebir mosque • Khan al Wakale • Tuqan soap factory • Mount Gerizim • Sabastya • archeological site of the ancient city of Samaria-Sebaste • maqam Nabi Yahya (Saint John the Baptist) • medieval cathedral • Deir Istya • Jama’in • Burin

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