Revisiting the mythical journey of the Prophet Abraham (Nabi Ibrahim), Abraham’s Path (Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil) is a 330 km long hiking itinerary that connects the village of Rummana (northwest of Jenin) to Beit Mirsim (southwest of Hebron). It passes through five regions – Jenin, Nablus, Jericho, Bethlehem and Hebron. The trail is composed of a wide range of stages and offers the possibility of shorter hikes (from less than 10 kilometers to over 20 km) that can be combined into multi-day treks. In all, 53 cities and villages where hikers can experience the legendary Palestinian hospitality and a large variety of landscapes.

In partnership with the Palestinian association Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil that fosters the touristic and economic development of rural territories. It delineates and develops Abraham’s Path in Palestine, accompanies local development initiatives, takes part in the training of hiking guides and promotes the encounter with the Palestinian population.

Jenin region: possible hikes (alone or combined)

Rummana to Burqin: 17 km, 5-7 hours, difficult
Burqin to Arraba: 15.1 km, 4-5 hours, moderate
Arraba to Sanur: 12.1 km, 2-3 hours, moderate
Sanur to Sabastiya: 15.6 km, 5-7 hours, difficult

Overview of Abraham’s Path in the Jenin region: JABA’ to SABASTYA (North of Nablus)

Departure from the village of Jaba’, which marks the beginning of a Mediterranean hike to Sebastya. Encounter with a potter before carrying on by foot to Mount Bayzeed (734m), which offers a view that goes all the way to the Mediterranean. Walk to Sebastya, for a discovery of the ancient Samaria-Sebaste’s archeological and historical heritage. A journey between myth and reality.

Walking duration: around 4 hours (8.6 km, moderate)
Included: hiking guide and transportation

Nablus region: possible hikes (alone or combined)

Sabastiya to Nablus : 10.1 km, 2-3 hours, easy
Nablus to ‘Awarta : 10.2 km, 3-4 hours, easy
‘Awarta to Duma : 18.6 km, 5-7 hours, moderate
Duma to Kafr Malek : 14.9 km, 5-7 hours, moderate
Kafr Malek to Al-‘Auja : 14.4 km, 5-7 hours, moderate

Overview of Abraham’s Path in the Nablus region: DUMA to KAFR MALEK (highlands overlooking the Jordan Valley)

Hike from the picturesque village of Duma. The trail takes us through rocky hills that overlook the Jordan Valley to the water spring of Ein Samia, before ascending a tight, rugged wadi on the way to Kafr Malek. Among the large number of relics from the historical heritage, we will discover astonishing Bronze Age tombs built in shafts. The itinerary receives few visitors and offers contrasting and unusual landscapes and flora.

Walking duration: 5 to 7 hours (14.9 km, moderate)
Included:hiking guide and transportation

Jericho region: possible hikes (alone or combined)

Al-‘Auja to Jericho :15.2 km, 3-5 hours, moderate
Jericho to Sea Level : 18.7 km, 5-7 hours, moderate-difficult
Sea Level to Khirbet al-Mird :14.3 km, 3-5 hours, moderate

Overview of Abraham’s Pathin the Jericho region: SEA LEVEL to KHIRBET AL-MIRD (Jerusalem Desert)

The hike begins at the Bedouin campsite (at sea level) and passes through the Jerusalem Desert. On the way, view on beautiful landscapes from the mountain which overlooks Jericho and the Dead Sea. Arrival at the site of Hyrcanion that reveals the relics of the ancient fortress built toward the end of the 2 nd century BC during the rule of the Hasmonean king John Hyrcanus, as well as the ruins of an ancient Byzantine monastery.

It is possible to sleep at the campsite of Khirbet al-Mird, where Bedouin shepherds have accommodated rock shelters to host hikers overnight.

Option: The hike can be extended by 5.6 km until the monastery of Mar Saba (Deir al Siq), which overhangs the high cliffs of Wadi Kidron to the East of Bethlehem. Known during the Byzantine period as The Great Laura, it holds its prestige from the monk Sabas, a renowned legislator who wrote the monastic rules of Anchorites in the 5 th century. Still in activity today, the current Greek Orthodox monastery represents a living monument of Byzantine monasticism.

Walking duration: 3 to 5 hours (14.3 km, moderate) – if the arrival point is Mar Saba: 4 to 7 hours (20 km, difficult)
Included:hiking guide and transportation

Bethlehem region: possible hikes (alone or combined)

Khirbet al-Mird to Tal al-Qamar :11.7 km, 3-5 hours, moderate
Tal al-Qamar to Bethlehem : 14.5 km, 4-6 hours, moderate-difficult
Bethlehem to Tuqu’ :12.6 km, 3-5 hours, moderate
Tuqu’ to ‘Arab ar-Rashayida :25.6 km, 5-9 hours, difficult

Overview of Abraham’s Pathin the Bethlehem region: TEQU’ to RASHAYDA (South of Bethlehem)

This walk which begins in Tequ’ is an invitation to discover the desert South of Bethlehem. The trail descends into the spectacular Wadi Jihar, a deep limestone canyon that winds down into the desert and plunges towards the Dead Sea. Prehistoric flintstones and arrowheads indicate a human presence dating back to the Middle Paleolithic. The path emerges from the valley to reach the village of Rashayda, inhabited by a Bedouin community of refugees originally from the Naqab (Negev). Stunning view on the Dead Sea.

Walking duration: 5 to 9 hours (25.6 km, difficult)
Included:hiking guide and transportation

Hebron region: possible hikes (alone or combined)

‘Arab ar-Rashayida to Bani Na’im : 22 km, 5-8 hours, difficult
Bani Na’im to Hebron : 7 km, 2-3 hours, easy
Hebron to Dura : 13.7 km, 3-5 hours, moderate
Dura to As-Sura : 12.1 km, 3-5 hours, moderate
As-Sura to Adh-Dhahiriya : 12.8 km, 3-5 hours, moderate
Adh-Dhahiriya to Beit Mirsim : 19.7 km, 5-7 hours, moderate

Overview of Abraham’s Pathin the Hebron region: KURZA to DHAHIRIYA (South of Hebron)

The hike begins in Kurza. The trail leads to Khirbet Rabud, an archeological site from the late Bronze Age. Visit of the architectural remains. The path then passes through the picturesque Wadi Nar to reach Dhahriya, whose old historic core reveals treasures of vernacular architecture from the Ottoman period, as well as the more ancient relics of a fortress from the Hellenistic or Roman period.

Walking duration: 2 to 3 hours (8.2 km, easy)
Included:hiking guide and transportation

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