Al Kamandjâti Festival 2018: A unique musical and spiritual odyssey

5-22 Apr

Diwan Voyage is once again partner of the association Al Kamandjâti for the third edition of its international music festival that will take place from Thursday April 5 to Sunday April 22, 2018. This musical journey will take you through the world traditions, in the sacred land of Palestine and at its heart, Jerusalem

The FITS Tunisia 2017 assembled 120 participants coming from 23 countries.

Al Kamandjâti Festival has invited musicians and thinkers from all over the world: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Mayotte, Turkey, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, India… and from Palestine of course! More than a hundred artists will take part in the adventure, which will include a creation: Marco Polo – A Musical Journey on the Silk Road.

In accordance with the journey traced by the astonishing music festival, Diwan Voyage will propose a wide range of thematic visits for an unusual trip across Palestine, and will provide logistic services useful to the festival-goers (accommodation, transportation, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

See the flyer

Date of publication: February 2, 2018

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