23 Apr

Al Kamandjâti: 1st edition of the International Festival of Sacred Music of Jerusalem

Al Kamandjati presents its first International Festival dedicated to sacred, spiritual and traditional music.

The festival will be a musical journey of beauty and delight, highlighting the architectural wealth of Jerusalem through the sanctity of its location. We will also explore, through the festival, the concept of time – that of cultural transmission from generation to generation, and of the legacy of knowledge that crosses centuries.

The festival will highlight the phenomenon of belonging and identity, and the cultural diversity of our planet.

Palestine is home to a fabulous sacred heritage, with sites that bring us to the heart of the monotheist history. And the festival is a way to highlight these sites and give them back their soul.

This is why, following the itinerary traced by the Festival, our partner Diwan Voyage will offer a wide range of thematic visits that will take you on an original journey throughout Palestine. Alongside the artistic events, the itinerary invites you to encounter Palestinian society and discover its heritage.

Date of publication: March 16, 2016

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